Korsini-Saf is an industry leading IML (In Mould Label) producer developing continuously with its experienced human resources and high-tech equipment. It constitutes the quality policy in the understanding of respect for the customers, employees, human health and the environment.

Quality Policy

  • To provide the highest quality service and increase customer satisfaction.
  • To comply with national and international laws and regulations and ensure the safety of information in all operations.
  • To manufacture respectful of human health.
  • To lead the sector by using eco-friendly and advanced technology.
  • To avoid activities that could harm the environment.
  • By educating the employees, to ensure their participation in the activities with quality consciousness and questioning glance, and to create a team spirit.
  • To develop the process continuously, in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.
  • To create satisfaction by joining employees, customers, suppliers and all partners in the commo bjectives.


iso 9001 2015brc2017