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Korsini Packaging is the legacy of the printing business which Corsini brothers have started in year 1902 under the name “Fratelli Corsini” and carries the printing family traditions for more then 112 years to this day, combining this with a contemporary business approach.

Korsini was founded in the year 2004 as a Joint Venture between Korozo Group and Korsini Packaging Companies.

When our experience is combined with the latest technologies and with innovative approach, it allows us to reach the best solutions and to succeed in the IML industry. Today, with the highest quality and sustainable business approach, we are able to meet all objectives related to IML in our four factories with a total area of 42.100 m2 indoor space, three in Turkey, one in Italy, with offset, rotogravure and flexo printing techniques. Korsini is the only dedicated IML Printing company in the world which has all these printing methods under one roof.

The perfect process, from prepress to final point that the label reaches to the customer, and wide range of products we have, make Korsini one of the leading companies offering products and services to more than 60 countries around the world, with the largest IML product variety today.


Understanding the customer needs in the best way possible in order to fulfill their expectations, offering them the most appropriate solutions and service using sustainable, world class quality and efficiency.


Promoting the quality and performance we achieved over the years, carrying our Company to higher levels continuously with our product quality, service and flexibility while respecting the environment and people.

1903 - Korsini is Founded for Printing

1940 - Korsini Printing House Begins Production as one of the first 100 Companies registered in Izmir Chamber of Industry

1980 - Acquisition of Bastas Inc. Renamed Korsini Packaging Industries and Trade Inc.

1986 - Rapak Inc. is created in JV with Raks Group

1991 - Investments in new factory in Alsancak with new Offset lines for Metalized Beer Labels

1996 - Investments in Flexo Printing lines for WAR Opp Labels

1998 - Starts 1st IML Label Production in Turkey

2001 - Partnership with Etap Holding and 2nd Factory in Pinarbasi

2004 - Established a partnership with Korozo only for IML label production in AOSB

2008 - ISO 9001:2000

2010 - Opening Sales Office in Hong Kong for Asia Pacific

2011 - Opening Sales Office in Annapolis for N.America

2012 - Representation and Sub-Contracting Agreement with Italian 4 Label for Durable IML

2012 - Investments in new factory (2nd in Izmir) in Free Zone

2012 - Implementation of SAP

2013 - ISO 9001:2008 And BRC – High Hygiene Risk

2014 - Finalize Phase 2 Expansion of the 2nd Factory

2015 - Partnership with CCL Industries to start IML Label production in the USA

2016 - Finalize Phase 3 Expansion in H.Q.

2017 - Production starts in the USA in Q2

2018 - Finalize Investments for Pre-press automation

2019 - Acquisition of Delphi Plant in Free Zone Izmir & Installing 1st production line

2020 - Installing 2nd Production line & received I REC green electricity certificate and started using green electricity

2021 - Installing 3rd Production line & completed phase 2 of our 5 years expansion plan

Sustainability is more than a trend for Korsini. Not only is sustainable production a significant step towards circular economy but it is also a responsibility towards future generations. Sustainable production brings economic, environmental and social benefits.

Managing and reducing the greenhouses gases from our activities is only one of the many steps we take to enhance sustainability. We completed our corporate carbon footprint calculation in compliance with the ISO 14064-1 standard. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint continuously for a sustainable world and we are taking firm steps to reach our carbon zero target.

Since 2006 Korsini-Saf recycles all residual waste during production in order to protect our environment. Basically within few steps our film waste is becoming part of plastic pallets and crates

Corsini family, one of the leaders of the printing and packaging industry in the world since 1902, and Korozo family, Turkey's largest packaging manufacturer and a global brand, jointly established the first IML facility in Turkey in 2004 with industrialist spirit and craft values coming from their roots. Now, Korsini is proud to be an essential part of Korozo Group.

Korozo was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of Turkey’s leading industrial powers, exporting flexible packaging and film products to around 88 countries worldwide.

Operating nine factories based in Turkey’s industrial heartlands, continuing expansion over decades has enabled us to become a global brand with a production, sales and distribution offices in the UK, Germany, France and Russia.

Our Quality Policy

Korsini-Saf is an industry leading IML (In Mould Label) producer developing continuously with its experienced human resources and high-tech equipment. It constitutes the quality policy in the understanding of respect for the customers, employees, human health and the environment.

Quality Policy

  •  To provide the highest quality service and increase customer satisfaction.
  •  To comply with national and international laws and regulations and ensure the safety of information in all operations.
  •  To manufacture respectful of human health.
  •  To lead the sector by using eco-friendly and advanced technology.
  •  To avoid activities that could harm the environment.
  •  By educating the employees, to ensure their participation in the activities with quality consciousness and questioning glance, and to create a team spirit.
  •  To develop the process continuously, in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.
  •  To create satisfaction by joining employees, customers, suppliers and all partners in the common objectives.
2010 - ISO 9001-2008
2011 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2013 - ISO 9001-2008
2014 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2015 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2016 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2017 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2018 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2019 - BRC – High Hygiene Risk
2020 - ISO 9001-2015
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Human Resources Policy

For us, the most important value is people. In Korsini every individual is regarded as a part of our success. This attitude to our employees carry us to a more successful future. Teamwork is one of our most important missions. We continuously train our employees in their own branches. In order to continue  innovations, continuity of employess and experts on each and every department, we evaluate people by "right person for the right job" slogan. Please send your e-mail for add your CV to our candidate pool. ik@korsini.com

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